Vegetable garden

A healthy life can contribute to a vital feeling, being able to live independently for longer, a strong body and a good general condition. It is the sum of all kinds of healthy habits. Those who lead a healthy life usually eat consciously and also exercise regularly. In Cumbuco there is an abundance of sports options: swimming, walking, kite surfing, wave surfing, horse riding and beach volley.

Brazilian cuisine mainly consists of a lot of meat and carbohydrates on your plate. At 0031 boutique hotel we tried to change that. Since March 2020 we are the proud owners of a real vegetable garden.

A garden where you can eat, a garden that is beautiful and smells good. Above all, feel and taste the elements of our nature. Our garden and our kitchen in a perfect collaboration where the chef da cozinha provides ideas to the gardener and vice versa.

The menu contains a limited number of dishes, some of which change every two months. We work as much as possible with organic or otherwise properly produced products, often from our own vegetable garden. We have developed a vegetarian and vegan menu with very tasty and surprising dishes. Fish and a limited range of (organic) meat are also on the menu. View our menu here >