Kitesafari's & downwinders

Join us on one of our downwindtrips or kitesafaris and discover the best spots around Fortaleza. Get ready for an ultimate experience going with us in buggy or 4by4, cruising off road along the deserted beaches and charming villages. A perfect combination of sight-seeing, relaxing, kitesurfing and adventure in paradise itself. Come and ride the downwinds you only have dreamed off.

Downwind to Jeri
If you want adventure and to sample the scenic delights Brazil has to offer then Extreme Kiting is for you. Almost 300km of windy destinations, amazing beaches and blue lagoons suitable for kitesurfing for 6 days or more.We visit the kiting hot spots and everyday carry out a different downwinder in the most amazing kite surf destinations in North Eastern Brazil. For your safety our buggy is always nearby and you can stop the downwind at any time safe in the knowledge that your fully trained guide is on hand to help should any difficulties arise. This trip is a real buggy safari. We even cross rivers on small rowing rafts. Every night we stay in a new village until the last two nights which are spent in the paradise village known as Jericoacoara.

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