Time difference
In Cumbuco it is four hours earlier compared to European continental time.

The monetary unit in Brazil is the real. As of may 1st 2018 the exchange rate is 4.08 reais to 1 euro. On arrival at the airport you can take money out directly at the local ATM. In Cumbuco there is an ATM at the gasstation.

Car rent
It is easy to hire a car in Cumbuco. You can hire a well maintained car at reasonable cost, including all necessary insurances. The condition of the roads in Ceara ranges from reasonable to good. Having a car at your disposal is not a must, but if you want to visit the surroundings area, a car is far more practical than public transport. Apart from that it is also very useful if you want to move your kite equipment from one location to another. Having a European drivers licence is sufficient, but we still advice you to bring along a international drivers licence. You can obtain information concerning car hire from us.

You can use your mobile telephone in Brazil. We advice you to buy a SIM card in Brazil in order to avoid a high telephone bill when you arrive back home. SIM cards are available in the large supermarkets in Fortaleza. In our hotel and restaurant we provide perfect wireless internet.

Cumbuco is situated 3 degrees from the equator and for that reason it is wonderful weather for 300 days a year. That also means that the sun is at a angle of almost above your head and it is vital to use good protection to avoid sunburn. The temperature lies on average around 28 to 30 degrees Celsius. The rainy season lasts from late February until late May. Most of the time downpours only last a very short time while after which normally the sun shines again. The wind, for which Cumbuco is o famous, is at its best in the months from June until February (100%). In the other months the wind is less strong and it doesn't blow every day (65%). For kite surfers this is especially of great importance.
As the weather temperature lies around 27 degrees Celsius, wetsuits aren't necessary.

You don't need any special vaccinations for a trip to Brazil. There is no malaria in Cumbuco area. The nearest hospital is in Fortaleza and if necessary we can provide you with the address of an English speaking doctor. It is inadvisable to drink water from the tap. In our supermarkets you can buy bottled water for a few reais.