Stand up paddling and wave surfing

For those who don't kitesurf or if there is a day less wind, we have other nice outdoor activities


Stand up paddling at the Lagoa Cauipe

This lake is located about 20 minute drive from our hotel. The instructors of the Cumbuco board riders club will pick you up at the hotel and take you by buggy to the lake.

At the lake you will get one hour of instruction in stand up paddling. After your lesson you can practise as long as you like, or have a nice swimm in the lake.

The trip includes transport, instruction and materials and costs only 150 reais per person.


Wave surfing

The instructors will take you by buggy to the beach where the best waves are. There you will get the basics in wave surfing explained: how to stand on the board, how to keep your balance and many onther practical tips.

After 4 lessons you can already " ride" some waves..

Lessons are 150 reais per person including materials and transport