Serra do Baturité

One hundred kilometres south of Fortaleza lies the protected nature reserve Serra do Baturité. Temperatures range between 20 and 22 Celsius and the quality of the air is excellent. The highest mountain is 1100 metres high and there are countless creeks, valleys and waterfalls. Due to this exceptional eco-system there is an enormous variety in plant and animal life (there are more than 250 species of animal). The climate and the magnificent area are very suitable for going on walks. There are several established tracks but there is also a lot you can discover yourself. w280ly coffee was produced in this area, after which the cultivation of sugarcane was begun. Nowadays the focus is on the growing of vegetables, flowers and fruit. Some of the farms are open for visitors.

Apart from the overwhelming nature there are also many colonial houses, churches and monasteries can be found. There are still many relics from the time of slavery visible. (Redençao is the place where slavery was abolished.) The most important cultural site is Guaramiranga. This city is sometimes called the city of flowers. This is also the culinary centre of the area and many theatrical, artistic and musical festivals take place. The annual jazz and blues festival is famous. The Serra do Baturité is an ideal destination for one or more days.