Horse riding
There I an abundance of possibilities to go horse riding along the beach and amongst the sand dunes. In front of various hotels you wil find horses and guides ready to take you on a tour. If you want, you can go on un unaccompanied ride, but be selective when you choose a horse, because some are not treated well by their owners.

Of course you can have beautiful walks along the beach, but you can also walk amongst the dunes where you have magnificent views of te sand hills that change colour all day long. Do take enough water and a hat, because it is very hot and the sun is at 90 degrees above your head! You can also have great walks in the Serra do Baturite.

Buggy tours
You can make fun trips with a buggy in the dunes or on the beach at Cumbuco. It is incredible what these drivers can do with their buggy and if you feel like a bit more of a thrill you can always ask for a tour ‘com emocao' if you are interested we can organise a tour for you.

Quads are for hire on the beach. A quad is a cross between a buggy and an off-road motorbike, with which you can race at considerable speeds on the deserted beaches. You can hire a quad for about one real a minute.

Sand boarding
Spectacular descents from high dunes with a kind of snowboard and ending up in the water. This is what you can do on the dunes at one of the lagoons and it is often combined with a buggy tour.

Sailing with a Jangada
These traditional fishing vessels that rather look like a raft with a sail, are still being used by the local fishermen. You can take these for a trip of about 45 minutes, which takes you a fairway out to sea.